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Adding Categories

To be clear, categories are essentially the same things as tags (in most instances). We call them categories because they include synthetic “tags” such as Today’s Shows and Featured Shows and complex tag groups such as “Biography & History.” (This will be simplified in our Version 2.0 release when we will be getting rid of categories). But one of the best ways to navigate CozmoTV efficiently today is to limit the number of show listings in a category by creating a complex tag group.

Add_category_1 You can do this by clicking on the Add tab at the top of the category panel on the left hand side of the application. You then type in the tag of interest and click “Enter.” That tag will then be listed at the bottom of the panel. You can then add additional tags to the category by typing in the next tag and clicking “Enter.” Once you have the added all of your tags, just click “Save” at the bottom of the panel. You will then see the shows listed within your tag group displayed on the right.

Unfortunately the tags must exactly match one of the existing tags within the application (which are currently limited) and it does not provide a drop down of the available tags (which we will be adding when we begin scraping show descriptions for tags over the coming months.)

What I typically do is find a show that I’m interested in on the right. If it has multiple tags I will click on the Add tab and type in two or three of the tags listed in the show panel on the right. I will then save this category and see how many shows appear on the right. If I like the results, I will click the “Subscribe” checkbox in the upper right hand corner of the show panels to save that category for future viewing.


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