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Loading Fix and Navigation Issues

Well, we’ve begun to see some additional traffic hit the site and the number one complaint remains the speed of the application and the difficulty in navigating. We’ve released a fix to a bug that was causing the application to hang for 10 seconds as the Guest account was loading. Resolving this issue has brought page loads down to 15-18 seconds which is a considerable improvement over the 30-35 that we were seeing this weekend.

The remaining 15-18 second loads are unfortunately dominated by Flash, including version checking, data acquisition and rendering time. This time will not decrease considerably in the future. Hopefully it’s not a huge issue moving forward. We also fixed a problem that was causing some page lag within the site. We’ve gotten page loads down to a pretty constant 2-4 seconds and will continue to try to improve this number. 

We’ve also received some comments surrounding navigation within the application. Most comments have revolved around the speed of the page loads, but a few have been directed at the way we deal with categories. Based upon this feedback we will be eliminating the History tab within the Category window and just displaying your Subscribed categories. In addition, we are going to change the way in which we handle Adding new categories. These fixes should occur with an upgrade occurring later this month. 


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