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Version 1.1 Upgrades

We’ve collected a lot of feedback over the last couple of weeks from out initial users. We’ve been attempting to make changes to the application as quickly as possible. The most frequent requests at this point have been to:

  1. Add related tags listing for each category. The existing categories tend to be very broad, so drilling down to a specific show has been difficult, especially given the small number of shows displayed on each page.
  2. Provide more show listings per page. While three show panels per page provides for simple scheduling of shows, it results in a vast majority of the shows being inaccessible due to the large number of shows listed in each basic category. This problem is compounded by our lack of ratings data.

So, we’re going to be making some short term changes to fix both of these issues.

First, we will be adding related tags to each category and increasing the number of tags associated with each show by scraping the show metadata. This process is going to take some thought to get the best result, so we are examining whether we will be able to include it in Version 1.1 (April 15th release). I think it will have a profound impact of the utility of CozmoTV so we’ll make our best effort.

Second, we will be simplifying show panels. In other words, we should be able to list about 10 shows per page, instead of three. This will result in slightly slower page loads (we will be caching more show data for each page until we optimize for this method), and a loss of some of the data around the show listing, but navigation should be substantially faster.

Finally, we are going to be offering a TiVo Wireless-G adapter to the five CozmoTV members who rate the most shows between now and April 15th. You must rate at least 100 shows to be considered. And please try to be as accurate as possible with your ratings. We can’t get better at suggesting new shows to our members without some solid data to base those decisions on. Also, people have asked how you rate shows that you have not yet seen. Good question. The way we look at CozmoTV ratings is that you are rating your interest in the show. If you have already seen the show, this is an easy decision. If it is a show you have not yet seen, use the star rating as a gauge of your interest level. One star means you have very little interest, five stars means that you would be highly interested in seeing the show.

If you have some other suggestions, please let us know.


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