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Updates, Updates

Well, we’re closing in on the release of Version 1.1. We’ve spent a lot of time fixing issues in Version 1.0 that are not obvious to users, but have been obvious to us. But we’re finally emerging out of the dark basement and working on the front end improvements that I think will make CozmoTV much more useful. Those updates are as follows:

  1. We are getting rid of the ad at the top of the old application and significantly simplifying the overall interface. This should enable people with small monitors to be able to navigate the application without scrolling. Unfortunately with Flash, this is a necessary consideration.
  2. We are simplifying the show listings on each page to 2 line listings and 10 listings per page. You will have to click on the show title to record or rate the show, but this should also make navigating through more content significantly easier.
  3. We will be adding the ability to sort by Title, Time and Rating within each category.
  4. We will be adding related tags that help you drill down to exactly the type of shows that you are looking for quickly.
  5. We will be modifying the History tab to include searches that you have performed as well as categories that you’ve visited.
  6. We will be adding a Popular Tab that will include a tag cloud of the most popular tags within the application.

 We’re hopeful that all of these changes will make it into the new release on or around Monday. We’re hopeful that these changes will help make CozmoTV significantly faster and easier to use. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see…


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