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Another 80for80 Contest Update

We’ve already had a couple of winners of the 80for80 contest. We’ve had quite a few entries and a number of people that reached 80% in ways that disqualified them, but we’re excited to announce the first two winners on Monday the 29th. (The first winner should be receiving his Wii by then:)

I also get a lot of requests from members asking if I can check their status throughout the week. We’ve been handling these requests as they come in, but this is time consuming. From now on we will be running our analysis on Friday each week and announcing the past week’s winners each Monday. So, if you have passed 80% you can send us a request for information, but we won’t be releasing your results until Monday. If you reach 80% over the weekend, don’t plan on being notified until the Monday following. We’re sorry that we can’t run the analysis each day, but we just don’t have the time.

Anyway, keep rating those shows. It takes some effort, but as two members have already demonstrated, it can be done…


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