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Gaining Rating Confidence

I’ve been getting quite a few comments about our ‘Rating Confidence’ bar and the requirements to win one of the Wiis. To be perfectly honest, the Rating Confidence bar is a bit of a hack right now. CozmoTV has a pretty killer personalization mechanism at its core, but its primary weakness is that it is essentially useless until you feed it a bunch of rating information. It’s no secret that on day one, we didn’t have a lot of rating data. And without this base of rating data, the recommendations we provide are largely untargeted.

Now, this is not a permanent problem. We specifically designed the 80 for 80 Contest such that we could incentivize new members to provide us with the required base of rating information before our personalization engine reaches critical mass. We’re basically paying you for your ratings. This is also why most of the videos that you are seeing tend to be videos that have been most popular on YouTube. We weight our ratings heavily towards what is most popular in the absence of ratings and we try to feed similar videos to many people such that we can start to draw some conclusions based on relative interests. This should also allow you to rate more videos quickly.

Anyway, the bottom line is that rating shows in CozmoTV over the next several weeks will not yield you dramatic improvements in the quality of the recommendations, but this problem will get solved very quickly with good participation. We have made assembling Rating Confidence difficult so that we can accumulate as much rating information as quickly as possible without giving away 80 Wiis in the first week:)

Right now reaching 80% Rating Confidence requires the rating of approximately 6,500 shows. We’re going to review these requirements again within the next week, but at this point we are leaning towards dropping the requirement by roughly half. So, keep up those ratings, even if looks like the pace at which you accumulate confidence slows considerably (it does); you might see it jump substantially over the next couple of weeks…


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