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New Build Almost Finished

We’ll be rolling out an interface upgrade this week. Among the improvements will be:

  1. Simplified Navigation: All Channel and Show types will be available on every page. As a matter of fact, the entire CozmoTV channel surfing experience will be rolled into one page thanks to some Ajax loveliness.
  2. Simplified Menus: All of the functions for CozmoTV from Recommending Shows to Creating Channels were sprinkled throughout the page. We’ve consolidated all of these menus under simple Show and Channel menus. It should be much easier to find things now without having to scroll all over the place.
  3. Sexy Pop-Ups and Alerts: All of the channel creation controls and alerts have switched from windows default and inline transitions to Ajax pop-ups. We think they work a bit better than the current mishmash or interface elements.
  4. Better Indexing and Search: Our search results will be improving along with some other modifications around the index that will include more show listings appearing in each channel.
  5. Faster Loading: We haven’t quite finished testing this, but we think the application will load and handle transitions a bit faster with some of the modifications that we’ve made.

We’ve also been lining up priorities for the second major build release later this month. If you think something belongs in that list, just let us know. The TV show listings keep getting pushed back, but we’ll get to it… We’ve also been working on an interesting Flash version of CozmoTV that we think is going to rock.


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