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Upcoming Community Features

A few people have asked us about some of the social features of CozmoTV. The truth is that the social aspects of CozmoTV are pretty limited today. We are in the process of building them, but we chose to release the product before they were incorporated. This is not to say that these features are unimportant, but we felt it better to have people try to core functions of CozmoTV before adding all the sticky social tools.

But it’s also important to realize that at the end of the day, we look at CozmoTV as your eventual Comcast or DirecTV replacement, not as your eventual MySpace or YouTube replacement. While social interaction runs through the core of CozmoTV, channels are actually at the center of our universe, not people. You see this difference demonstrated with YouTube’s implementation of channels. You ARE the channel at YouTube. This is fine for YouTube as they are trying to be a social network, but it’s just not our model. 

Anyway, we also understand how important the social experience is to making CozmoTV a great service. So, one of the first social features you’ll find soon at CozmoTV is the ability to make friends and watch other people’s favorite videos. You’ll also be able to chat with other members while watching a channel. 

We have some other tricks up our sleeve, but we’ll wait with those until we’re a little closer to release. If you have any other features you really want to see in future releases of Cozmo, just let us know.


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