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What are the Little Pink Numbers Next to Usernames?

You’ll notice that there is a little pink number next to usernames in CozmoTV. This number is the user’s CozMojo score. CozMojo is essentially a measure of your contribution to the CozmoTV community. You amass CozMojo when you rate shows, build channels, and add shows to channels. This score does not buy you much today, but over time the importance of having a high CozMojo score will become more apparent as we add some of the social features into CozmoTV. 

For now, simply look as CozMojo as some basic recognition of your efforts. Pretty soon we’ll be adding in the user pages such that the username link actually takes you somewhere. As these social features start to roll out and your CozMojo score becomes more important you’ll start seeing the appropriate level of attention devoted to those little pink digits.


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