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WOOOps… We Have More Wii Winners Than I Thought...

It appears that I did not analyze the correct data when determining the status of last week’s 80for80 winners. In fact, Luke Wallace did in fact cross 80% and will be receiving a Nintendo Wii. We actually had three official winners as of Monday last week!

We also have one more likely winner from this past week. We seem to be getting a pretty consistent winner per week. We’re going to have to up that pace if we’re going to reach all 80 winners in the next three months:) 76 more Wiis left…

Also, we’ve updated our Featured Channels list with some fresh content. I think the Christmas Channel has become a little stale:) We’ll be updating the list again when we release the new interface.


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lose weight

Funny. I did that once with a much less interesting prize; calculated the winners incorrectly, that is. Why is math so hard, lol?

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