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Wii Winner Update and Other Stuff

Todd just received his new Wii yesterday and sent over a picture. I hope Todd is doesn’t pull a groinToddwii bowling or something. We didn’t have a winner last week as we’ve been pretty quiet on the marketing front. So… here is what is going on…

We’ve been fleshing out our strategy as it relates to channels and the portability of CozmoTV and we’ve come up with some pretty interesting innovations. We got very close to getting the new front-end out in late January. However, given our traffic requirements, we have been working on getting a portable version of CozmoTV up and running since then. We have a working prototype that we are starting to have people check out, but we still have another two weeks or so until it will be ready. I think the widget is going to rock.

That brings us back to our status overall… We have very minor tweaks left on the new front-end. As of this week I put Jason back on wrapping up those changes so that we can finally get the update out. Joel is working on getting some of the graphical touches wrapped up on the widget. Once they each finish these tasks over the next few days, Jason will get back to working out the remaining kinks in the widget video playback and tweaking search results across both platforms.

It’s very difficult to do so many projects simultaneously with only two developers, but we can’t rectify that until we get these two releases out the door. I apologize to all those who have been waiting patiently for the new stuff. It will be worth the wait.


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Thanks for the Wii! I'll try not to pull a groin muscle!:) Hurry up and get that beta out! I can't wait to try it!


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