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CozmoTV in a Nutshell

We’ve been evolving our messaging (and mission) substantially over the last couple of months as we’ve begun to mature CozmoTV. So, to help clarify for many of you were CozmoTV stands and where we are heading, a few quick notes…

What is CozmoTV?
To put it simply, CozmoTV enables anyone to create a branded television network and embed that network in any site. You can think of CozmoTV as a bit like an embeddable version of VeohTV, Miro or Joost. You can use CozmoTV to:

  1. Create a personal a la carte cable network by adding channels to a player and embedding it in a service like Pageflakes, or you can
  2. Broadcast channels to an audience by adding channels to a player and embedding it in a public place like your blog, MySpace page, etc.

How do I Watch?
We started out attempting to drive traffic to our site, but it has quickly become apparent that the portable widget is a preferable place to watch the channels in our network. In other words, CozmoTV should be watched via our widget. We will continue to update the website, but you will increasingly see it serve the role of administrative interface to external widgets rather than a place to watch our channels. You can see the widget in action above.

What Can I Watch?
CozmoTV indexes flash video from multiple sites. Right now we have finished YouTube and integration. We carry over 1,500 channels from these networks with an additional 500+ channels coming online each month. As we add new site integration the number of channels will continue to increase. Channels are mostly UGC today, but will grow to include studio content over time.

What’s the Point?
Our mission is to help people find perfect Internet video channels. If you are looking for an individual video or a single clip, go to Blinkx, Truveo or Google Video. They provide great services for pure video search. However, if you are looking for great episodes or great thematic channels that will keep you watching for hours, use CozmoTV. Using a combination of human curators, site context and personalization algorithms; we believe that CozmoTV will put you in front of the perfect channel.

The Bottom Line
If you are a consumer of video, we’ll help you find the most personally compelling Internet video channels available. If you are a content owner, we’ll help you reach your ideal audience quickly and inexpensively through targeted television networks. And if you are a site owner, we’ll help you add an entire television network to your site in minutes.



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