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We're Live

Ouch, 5 days of downtime to get this release up.

Well, it doesn’t look all that different from the last release, but there is a whole bunch of new stuff now working on the back end. We have gone live with the updates that I mentioned in the ‘Baby Release’ post last week. There are still a few things that need to get fixed up and we’ll be rolling out upgrades over the entire month, so please let us know when you run into anything that is not working very well.

Our goal right now is to roll out most of the substantive changes over the course of August along with a bunch of widgets so that we can do a full release in early September fully tested debugged and ready to go. We’ve found it tough to keep on schedule with Joel out of pocket but we should be back on top of things with his return in September.

I’m still not entirely happy with the quality of the search results, but that will continue to improve now that we have resolved the scale issues. We will also be making a subtle interface improvement over the next week or so that didn’t quite make it into this release. We want to make it clear that the current interface is largely for building and managing channels and widgets. We’ll be embedding a full widget right within the site and simplifying some of the navigation.

Anyway, the point is that we want the widget to be the way you watch CozmoTV from here on out. You can also expect that the new widget skin will be rolling out piecemeal over the course of the month. We’ll start with the player screen and work our way back into the navigation later.

We’ll also be making some ongoing widget announcements starting late this week and into next. We’ve got some great partners on board and we’d like to start showing off the potential of CozmoTV branded television networks.


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