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Accessing Your Profile and Other Updates

We released a small modification to the Admin interface this afternoon which improves the flow of sign in, registration, and account management. Prior to this update we allowed users to go through the process of creating widgets and channels before they had registered to become a member of the Cozmo network. We felt that it was important for people to become familiar with what we had to offer before forcing registration. The problem with this approach is that you could no longer access widgets and channels you had created once you had left CozmoTV if you had not registered before your session ended. 

We have now changed this policy and you are required to register or sign in before creating any widgets or channels. You can still watch any channel you would like through our default widget. You will also notice that once you are signed in we have provided a basic profile summary that details your viewing and rating habits as well as listing your created widgets and channels. You can expect this interface to expand over time to provide more of a dashboard interface to your entire account when we do a subsequent upgrade to Admin. For those of you that were asking, you can also find your Rating Confidence here as well as within any player once you have rated a video.

Finally, we have also added in the ability to order channels in your widget as you would order videos in a channel. This has been a highly requested upgrade that should be the last minor tweak before we roll out the full widget customization tools this weekend and into early next week.


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