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Adjusting Channel Lineups in Widgets

We are continuing to roll out the changes to the Admin interface each day. We still have not added back in the ability to order the Channels in a Widget or to set a default channel in a Widget. We are trying to get this resolved in the build that should be out on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will also be adding the Widget Customization tools and an improved registration and profile page.

We got a few questions about the status of rating confidence. Your rating confidence is still be stored and accrued as you rate shows. You can see your rating confidence now by simply logging in to any Cozmo widget and rating a video. We will be providing access to a quick summary of your account including CozMojo and Rating Confidence before the end of January (hopefully much sooner.)

We are aware that there is still some buggy behavior in the new interface and we are working to resolve these problems ASAP. However, even today the utility and ease of use is far better than the old application. Once we finalize our list of bugs and add the remaining missing functionality, we’ll declare CozmoTV released in Version 1.1.


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