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New Interface Release

We have begun the process of transitioning to the new CozmoTV administrative interface this morning. You will continue to see the site go offline for brief periods during the next 24 hours as we complete this process and work out any issues. This upgrade will be followed by several more minor upgrades over the following 2 weeks after which we will have completed our version 1.1 rollout.

You will very quickly see the difference in approach to the previous site. The first page is mostly consumed by a large default CozmoTV widget. You can simply watch a collection of channels from across the CozmoTV network that we have hand selected, you can register or sign in to the service, or you can build a channel or widget. By completely dividing the process of watching CozmoTV and building CozmoTV networks and channels, we think we’ve made a substantial improvement to the utility of the application.

When either building a widget or a channel, you’ll see the focus is now on locating channels or videos quickly and modifying the lineup with ease. The widget and channel managers both have simple listings at the bottom of the page and adding channels and videos is as simple as checking a box next to the listing. Compiling a channel or network should take a small fraction of the time it took prior to this upgrade.

We will be adding in the full suite of new widget customization controls over the next couple weeks along with some improved systems for importing and publishing videos directly within our interface. In February we will make some additional improvements by rolling a full suite of analytics software that will allow anyone to track widgets, channels and videos as they get syndicated throughout our network.

We still have some rough edges to shave off, but we think you’ll find the new systems dramatically easier to use. We hope you enjoy…



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