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Pending Channel Load Improvements

When we first launched the CozmoTV widget and imported a selection of about 3,000 channels, most of the channels were driven through an RSS feed. These RSS feeds were sourced from sites like YouTube and and, upon initial import, these channels typically carried 20-50 videos each. This was a problem. Many channels are episodic and as such they are constantly getting updated with new clips that are part of a series. However, many series had been running for some time and archival clips were not being captured as they had fallen off of the back of the current feed length.  The end result is that you could not go back and watch the first episodes of some series.

We have been working to fix this problem by providing a bulk import mechanism that captures all of the archival clips upon initial import of the channel. The problem with this, however, is that channel with 500 or more videos can load very slowly in the player as our service works to retrieve and store data on each clip. As a result, the larger the channel, the longer it would take to tune in to this channel. If we imported all archival clips, this would only exacerbate the problem.

We are working on a solution that will allow us to download only a limited number of clips for each channel before tuning that channel in. We believe that once this improvement is deployed, initial widget load times will decrease dramatically and channel changing will become more consistent and much faster. It will also allow us to import all archival clips from each channel. Look for this upgrade to occur over the next couple of weeks.


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