Personlized Ratings

CozmoTV uses an advanced rating and personalization engine to help you quickly find the videos you want to watch. This personalization engine uses the ratings of each member, as well as information about the video found elsewhere on the Web, to draw conclusions about a video’s relative merit to YOU.

We believe that each individual has unique tastes in video. Just because a couple of my friends find Benny Hill inane doesn’t mean I’m going to share that opinion (I don’t). Hey, we just have different opinions. But the ratings used by most search services out there are representative of the average of the entire group. We think we can do better by using your ratings to personalize show and channel results to your individual interests.

When you first start using CozmoTV, the power of this rating system will not be obvious. However, the more content you rate, the better we’ll get at personalizing the stuff you’re watching and the higher your “Rating Confidence” will climb. Rating Confidence is simply an approximation of how likely it is that the next video we play in any channel will be a perfect fit. To help encourage your participation, CozmoTV is even running a promotion called 80for80 in which we are awarding 80 Nintendo Wiis to the first 80 members who achieve 80 percent rating confidence.

CozmoTV believes that personalization is essential to creating channels that are compelling to each individual that tunes in to our network. Video already takes a long time to browse through without such personalization. We want to make sure less of your time is spent searching and more of your time is spent watching. We hope that with a little feedback we can go a long way towards delivering on a truly personal TV watching experience.

Building Rating Confidence