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June 2007

June 08, 2007

New Wii Winner

Well, as planned, we have considerably slowed down the promotion of the 80for80 content until we can resolve the supply issues that have been plaguing us with Wiis since early January. We are still getting some people competing however and last week we had another winner, James Cannon, make it into 80% land. Congratulations, James.

We have also been offering to winners the ability to receive $250 cash payment via PayPal if they would like to purchase the Wii themselves locally (you might have better luck that we’ve had in the Bay Area). If we have not yet contacted you about the potential, let me know and we’ll get it set up. Thanks again for all of your patience.

June 04, 2007

Busy, Busy...

Man, it’s been a month since I last posted… time flies CozmoTV has been a beehive of activity (not to mention I had a new baby arrive a few weeks back). We have been updating the widget with a whole host of new functionality that I’ll announce in the next few days with a post that details all of the new features.

We will also be releasing a new ‘mini-widget’ this month that solves the problem with the existing widget as it scales below certain sizes. The mini-widget won’t include everything that the big widget does, but you can always launch the big widget from the mini-widget. (Full screen capability will also be part of the next release.)

We also put the finishing touches on a site reimplementation that takes into consideration your suggestions as well as our increasing focus on channels listings over show listings within our network. We had initially focused most of our efforts at CozmoTV on channel publishing and management, but we have quickly discovered that RSS is becoming the primary tool for channel publishing. At the end of the day, CozmoTV is great at searching for channels, not individual videos. You’ll see this reflected in this next release.

You can also expect to see much more focus on widgets as the primary customization point in the next version of CozmoTV. We want you to become an affiliate and broadcast existing CozmoTV channels to your audience through your site. You can still create your own channels, but rolling channels into widgets will be the quickest and easiest way to get the most out of Cozmo.

Along these lines, we’ll be pushing out a bunch of new affiliate relationships over the course of June. I’ll announce each here as they come online. We’ll also be announcing smoother integration with many of the RSS aggregators, blogging platforms, social networks and the like over the next few weeks. Also, many of you have complained about lack of Wordpress integration. We are working on solving this issue and we’ll let you know when we have resolution.

In July you’ll start to see a lot more of us in MySpace at some celebrity sites as well. We’ve had a lot on our plate over the past few weeks, but trust that we are working hard to get new features out the door as quickly as possible. Finally, you can expect to start seeing a bunch of the RSS channels that we have been indexing come online in June and July. We think these channels will substantially improve the quality of the network. We’ll also be finishing the integration towards the end of the month.

We’re getting there…

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