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Admin Improvements and Widget Customization

You may have noticed over the last couple of days that we have begun adding new features to the Widget Manager page. These changes will be finalized by the beginning of next week and include the following changes:

We are resolving a number of bugs in the interface that prevented the easy management of channel lineups in a widget. The last of these major bugs should be eliminated when we deploy the final version next week.

We are changing the flow of both the widget manager and channel manager to make the process of creating both more manageable. When you create a new channel or widget you will only see each step appear in order. All steps will still appear if you are editing a channel or widget.

Widget Preview
We are adding preview buttons to allow you to more easily preview channels and widgets. The widget preview will also be moving to the bottom of the page so that a full size sample can be shown complete with any selected skins.

Widget Descriptions
We are adding widget descriptions, categories and tags which will allow others to find your widget at a later date. We will ultimately use this information to create an index of all available widgets so that others can find pre-built widgets they like and grab these widgets for embedding in their own sites.

Widget Customization
We are adding a new section to the widget creation process that allows you to change sizing, intro sequence, skins, background and font colors, language, and other options. You are able to see these changes as you make them in a live preview of your widget. We will be adding many more options to this customization step over the coming weeks, most of which will involve adding new branded skins, new skin formats, and new languages.

Channel Updates
We are going to update the Featured Channel list and continue to update this listing more frequently with fresh channels.

That’s about it. We are about to start working on some minor evolutions to the player as soon as we have finished rolling out the changes to the site. If you have any issues, bugs, potential features that you would like to see, just send them to


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