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January 2008

January 31, 2008

Analytics/Telemetry Provider DomoDomain Selected

We are pleased to announce that we have selected DomoDomain as our exclusive provider for widget analytics. We have been working with Domodomain for several weeks to come to terms and we are currently beginning integration with their API.

DomoDomain will enable Cozmo to provide a self service interface to affiliates, content owners and advertisers that would like to see how their widgets, channel or ads are performing real-time in syndication. DomoDomain has a superb product that is going to dramatically improve the visibility our partners have into how their assets are performing in our network. We’re delighted to get this partnership underway and our partners and users should expect to start seeing results from this relationship as early as March.

We’ll post more about this relationship shortly.

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January 29, 2008

Admin Improvements and Widget Customization

You may have noticed over the last couple of days that we have begun adding new features to the Widget Manager page. These changes will be finalized by the beginning of next week and include the following changes:

We are resolving a number of bugs in the interface that prevented the easy management of channel lineups in a widget. The last of these major bugs should be eliminated when we deploy the final version next week.

We are changing the flow of both the widget manager and channel manager to make the process of creating both more manageable. When you create a new channel or widget you will only see each step appear in order. All steps will still appear if you are editing a channel or widget.

Widget Preview
We are adding preview buttons to allow you to more easily preview channels and widgets. The widget preview will also be moving to the bottom of the page so that a full size sample can be shown complete with any selected skins.

Widget Descriptions
We are adding widget descriptions, categories and tags which will allow others to find your widget at a later date. We will ultimately use this information to create an index of all available widgets so that others can find pre-built widgets they like and grab these widgets for embedding in their own sites.

Widget Customization
We are adding a new section to the widget creation process that allows you to change sizing, intro sequence, skins, background and font colors, language, and other options. You are able to see these changes as you make them in a live preview of your widget. We will be adding many more options to this customization step over the coming weeks, most of which will involve adding new branded skins, new skin formats, and new languages.

Channel Updates
We are going to update the Featured Channel list and continue to update this listing more frequently with fresh channels.

That’s about it. We are about to start working on some minor evolutions to the player as soon as we have finished rolling out the changes to the site. If you have any issues, bugs, potential features that you would like to see, just send them to

Jan 29, 2008 2:29:11 AM in Released Features | | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0) Now Available in Spanish

We recently performed an update to the Cozmo media website that includes a couple new additions to the team, Nelson Becerra and Fernando Del Sol, and a mirror of the site in Spanish. If you want to access the Spanish version of the site, simply click on the Spanish link on the lower right hand side of this or any other page in the site. 

We have also added a Spanish version of the Widget that I’ll post about shortly.

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January 17, 2008

Accessing Your Profile and Other Updates

We released a small modification to the Admin interface this afternoon which improves the flow of sign in, registration, and account management. Prior to this update we allowed users to go through the process of creating widgets and channels before they had registered to become a member of the Cozmo network. We felt that it was important for people to become familiar with what we had to offer before forcing registration. The problem with this approach is that you could no longer access widgets and channels you had created once you had left CozmoTV if you had not registered before your session ended. 

We have now changed this policy and you are required to register or sign in before creating any widgets or channels. You can still watch any channel you would like through our default widget. You will also notice that once you are signed in we have provided a basic profile summary that details your viewing and rating habits as well as listing your created widgets and channels. You can expect this interface to expand over time to provide more of a dashboard interface to your entire account when we do a subsequent upgrade to Admin. For those of you that were asking, you can also find your Rating Confidence here as well as within any player once you have rated a video.

Finally, we have also added in the ability to order channels in your widget as you would order videos in a channel. This has been a highly requested upgrade that should be the last minor tweak before we roll out the full widget customization tools this weekend and into early next week.

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January 16, 2008

Pending Channel Load Improvements

When we first launched the CozmoTV widget and imported a selection of about 3,000 channels, most of the channels were driven through an RSS feed. These RSS feeds were sourced from sites like YouTube and and, upon initial import, these channels typically carried 20-50 videos each. This was a problem. Many channels are episodic and as such they are constantly getting updated with new clips that are part of a series. However, many series had been running for some time and archival clips were not being captured as they had fallen off of the back of the current feed length.  The end result is that you could not go back and watch the first episodes of some series.

We have been working to fix this problem by providing a bulk import mechanism that captures all of the archival clips upon initial import of the channel. The problem with this, however, is that channel with 500 or more videos can load very slowly in the player as our service works to retrieve and store data on each clip. As a result, the larger the channel, the longer it would take to tune in to this channel. If we imported all archival clips, this would only exacerbate the problem.

We are working on a solution that will allow us to download only a limited number of clips for each channel before tuning that channel in. We believe that once this improvement is deployed, initial widget load times will decrease dramatically and channel changing will become more consistent and much faster. It will also allow us to import all archival clips from each channel. Look for this upgrade to occur over the next couple of weeks.

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January 14, 2008

Adjusting Channel Lineups in Widgets

We are continuing to roll out the changes to the Admin interface each day. We still have not added back in the ability to order the Channels in a Widget or to set a default channel in a Widget. We are trying to get this resolved in the build that should be out on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will also be adding the Widget Customization tools and an improved registration and profile page.

We got a few questions about the status of rating confidence. Your rating confidence is still be stored and accrued as you rate shows. You can see your rating confidence now by simply logging in to any Cozmo widget and rating a video. We will be providing access to a quick summary of your account including CozMojo and Rating Confidence before the end of January (hopefully much sooner.)

We are aware that there is still some buggy behavior in the new interface and we are working to resolve these problems ASAP. However, even today the utility and ease of use is far better than the old application. Once we finalize our list of bugs and add the remaining missing functionality, we’ll declare CozmoTV released in Version 1.1.

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January 08, 2008

New Interface Release

We have begun the process of transitioning to the new CozmoTV administrative interface this morning. You will continue to see the site go offline for brief periods during the next 24 hours as we complete this process and work out any issues. This upgrade will be followed by several more minor upgrades over the following 2 weeks after which we will have completed our version 1.1 rollout.

You will very quickly see the difference in approach to the previous site. The first page is mostly consumed by a large default CozmoTV widget. You can simply watch a collection of channels from across the CozmoTV network that we have hand selected, you can register or sign in to the service, or you can build a channel or widget. By completely dividing the process of watching CozmoTV and building CozmoTV networks and channels, we think we’ve made a substantial improvement to the utility of the application.

When either building a widget or a channel, you’ll see the focus is now on locating channels or videos quickly and modifying the lineup with ease. The widget and channel managers both have simple listings at the bottom of the page and adding channels and videos is as simple as checking a box next to the listing. Compiling a channel or network should take a small fraction of the time it took prior to this upgrade.

We will be adding in the full suite of new widget customization controls over the next couple weeks along with some improved systems for importing and publishing videos directly within our interface. In February we will make some additional improvements by rolling a full suite of analytics software that will allow anyone to track widgets, channels and videos as they get syndicated throughout our network.

We still have some rough edges to shave off, but we think you’ll find the new systems dramatically easier to use. We hope you enjoy…


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New Site Launched

We have just released the updates to the Cozmo Media website and we’re pretty happy with the results. We are going to delay promoting the changes heavily until we finalize the rollover of as some of the links in the site link to pages that are not yet complete. But, overall, the site now does a much better job of explaining the business and the value propositions for everyone involved. As we explain in our introduction, CozmoTV is community powered television and we’re getting more excited about the possibilities every day. More to come…

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