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Widget Skin Upgrades

I overheard someone at the AdTech conference say that success in this market is defined by companies that learn to fail fast and often. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the truth is that finding the right strategy often involves multiple failures. The faster you can learn from those errors, the faster you can perfect your model.

I think this is one of the most remarkable things about web software development today. I cut my teeth in enterprise software development during the 90s and most of the projects we developed took over tens or hundreds of man months and millions of dollars of investment. It was kind of a miserable way to innovate. Anyway…

We recently released an upgrade to our platform that included the release of various types of skins for our players. I think these skins were a dramatic improvement over the look and feel of our traditional players. 45 days in, I think we have begun to see some of the branding and monetization opportunities and as such we are going to be making some modifications to how skins are formatted and how skins can be modified by users. 

These adjustments will begin to appear over the next two weeks as we roll out the additional upgrades, but you can be sure that they are a substantial improvement over the old skins. And in the process I believe that we have unlocked an entirely new mechanism for syndicating content and advertising packages in a way that can generate revenue in any site. Stay tuned…


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