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December 2008

December 04, 2008

The CozmoTV Content Syndication Network

Cozmo has gone into a bit of stealth mode over the last 6 months as we have been working on a slight shift in our model.  We’re wrapping up early stage technical implementation and we’ll be launching with a few key partners in early January.  Until then we’re going to stay pretty quiet about or efforts outside of this blog.

I’ll be detailing some of the new functionality now and with a few more posts over the coming weeks.  In early January I’ll begin tying it all together with an in depth discussion of the new model and how early efforts are scaling.  The most obvious change you will see at CozmoTV is a singular focus on providing scalable targeted syndication services for video content.  We’ve played around with a few models related to edge syndication in an effort to monetize and explore different potential market angels, but none have shown as much promise in early tests as targeted widget-based video syndication.

We’ve recently posted three new overview pages at for website publishers, content producers, and advertisers who form the backbone of our ecosystem.  Just go to the site and click on the tabs.  Within each of these pages are very simple Sliderocket presentations that cover how Cozmo works.

More to come…

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