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About Us

Cozmo Media was started with the goal of helping introduce people to better television content. In early 2006, we released a version of CozmoTV that helped people find great television shows based on keywords rather than time and channel. We integrated the product with TiVo® DVRs to enable simple scheduling of that ideal show. But what become clear to us in the months after launch is that there is a better way of delivering a great television experience that has been made possible by the success of YouTube and other video sharing sites.

The changes to online video over the past 24 months have been profound. The amount of video available online is growing exponentially and we are rapidly approaching the day in which most anything being broadcast on a TV anywhere in the world will be available on the Web. We believe that most content owners and advertisers are beginning to embrace open models of content syndication; allowing their content to go wherever people want to watch it as long as it can be tracked and monetized at the edge of the network.

CozmoTV is taking advantage of this model by providing a simple way for content owners to reach millions of targeted consumers by syndicating their video across thousands of targeted websites. With our increasing distribution scale, we are constantly improving our ability to provide both massive reach as well as precise targeting in the delivery of your content across our network.

As we scale, we provide any site owner, regardless of size, the ability to distribute content and advertising from multiple parties without the transactional overhead of negotiating separate deals with each licensor. Over time, we believe that we can provide a simple way to put ideal content in front of the ideal audience regardless of the type of content and the size of the site.

For advertisers who are looking for the perfect vehicle for leveraging rich media to deliver immersive brand experiences, CozmoTV provides an ideal platform. The widget not only provides advertisers access to ideally targeted premium video content, we also help turn consumers into brand advocates that promote your messaging to their social network.

We hope you’ll work with us to extend our network by signing up to be an affiliate, syndicating your content with us, advertising with us, or simply watching great content through one of our widgets. If you have any feedback for us, things that you don’t like or would like to see us do better, please let us know at .

Who is Cozmo Media?


Alex is a co-founder of the business and is basically in charge of setting our vision, raising capital, managing Jason (which is no small feat), and building the front-end of CozmoTV’s services and Web properties. Alex has been doing more work to sell and market this thing now that we are off the ground and gaining altitude.

Before starting Cozmo Media, Alex was the co-founder and CEO of USPowerSolutions which provided enterprise software solutions to the retail energy market. Cozmo is much more fun than building billing systems for energy companies :)


Jason is co-founder of the business and is basically in charge of setting vision with Alex and building all the great stuff we dream up together. (Getting all the back end stuff right seems a little tougher than designing pretty UIs.) Jason will hopefully be spending more time relaxing in the near future as I think this project is about to work him to death.

Jason co-founded USPowerSolutions with Alex is his prior life and served as its Chairman and CTO. Jason built out the PowerSolution and PowerUp products with the help of a large group of developers. I think he and I both hope we don’t have to build a team quite that big to deliver on the promise of CozmoTV...


Joel joined CozmoTV in December of 2006. His most recent contributions to the CozmoTV vision have focused on building the CozmoTV widget.

Joel graduated from Boston University in 2003. He spent his summers in college working at Avici Systems and manning an IT help desk at during the school year. Joel's just happy that he doesn't have to answer any more questions about computers in permanent sleep-mode!


Fernando joined Cozmo in June of 2007 and has been focusing on creating new business opportunities for us in Latin America.

Fernando has been involved in so many business ventures in South America that we have a tough time keeping track. We occasionally receive pictures of Fernando with horse drawn carriages behind him which is always puzzling.


Nelson joined Cozmo in November 2007 and has been focusing on creating new business opportunities with affiliates, content owners and advertisers.

So, if you fill any one of those categories, expect a call from Nelson in the next couple of months. From Sales Director in the office equipment business to media market maven, Nelson is bringing the sexy back to Cozmo.

Contact Us


2021 26th Street
Suite 301
San Franciso, CA 94107


(415) 867-8687


(415) 550-0626

Information Requests

Please direct all press and other information requests to . If you have any questions, comments, suggestions about the application, please send correspondence to . Employment requests can be sent to


The old CozmoTV blog is incorporated into this site and covers the comings and goings of Cozmo Media and the CozmoTV services. If you would like to hear some of our ideas about the media landscape in general you can visit