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Bug Fixes

April 17, 2008

YouTube Updates Continue

We’ve been working hard to upgrade to the YouTube API and have almost completed the process. There are a variety of factors that have made the integration a little harder than we would have hoped, but most of those issues are behind us at this point.

Unfortunately, this whole transition has resulted in a majority of YouTube driven channels to go completely dark across our network. We anticipate having these channels come back once we complete the YouTube integration which is scheduled for tomorrow night. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope that this weekend will represent the end of issues surrounding YouTube video playback within our widget.

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January 17, 2008

Accessing Your Profile and Other Updates

We released a small modification to the Admin interface this afternoon which improves the flow of sign in, registration, and account management. Prior to this update we allowed users to go through the process of creating widgets and channels before they had registered to become a member of the Cozmo network. We felt that it was important for people to become familiar with what we had to offer before forcing registration. The problem with this approach is that you could no longer access widgets and channels you had created once you had left CozmoTV if you had not registered before your session ended. 

We have now changed this policy and you are required to register or sign in before creating any widgets or channels. You can still watch any channel you would like through our default widget. You will also notice that once you are signed in we have provided a basic profile summary that details your viewing and rating habits as well as listing your created widgets and channels. You can expect this interface to expand over time to provide more of a dashboard interface to your entire account when we do a subsequent upgrade to Admin. For those of you that were asking, you can also find your Rating Confidence here as well as within any player once you have rated a video.

Finally, we have also added in the ability to order channels in your widget as you would order videos in a channel. This has been a highly requested upgrade that should be the last minor tweak before we roll out the full widget customization tools this weekend and into early next week.

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January 16, 2008

Pending Channel Load Improvements

When we first launched the CozmoTV widget and imported a selection of about 3,000 channels, most of the channels were driven through an RSS feed. These RSS feeds were sourced from sites like YouTube and and, upon initial import, these channels typically carried 20-50 videos each. This was a problem. Many channels are episodic and as such they are constantly getting updated with new clips that are part of a series. However, many series had been running for some time and archival clips were not being captured as they had fallen off of the back of the current feed length.  The end result is that you could not go back and watch the first episodes of some series.

We have been working to fix this problem by providing a bulk import mechanism that captures all of the archival clips upon initial import of the channel. The problem with this, however, is that channel with 500 or more videos can load very slowly in the player as our service works to retrieve and store data on each clip. As a result, the larger the channel, the longer it would take to tune in to this channel. If we imported all archival clips, this would only exacerbate the problem.

We are working on a solution that will allow us to download only a limited number of clips for each channel before tuning that channel in. We believe that once this improvement is deployed, initial widget load times will decrease dramatically and channel changing will become more consistent and much faster. It will also allow us to import all archival clips from each channel. Look for this upgrade to occur over the next couple of weeks.

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January 14, 2008

Adjusting Channel Lineups in Widgets

We are continuing to roll out the changes to the Admin interface each day. We still have not added back in the ability to order the Channels in a Widget or to set a default channel in a Widget. We are trying to get this resolved in the build that should be out on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will also be adding the Widget Customization tools and an improved registration and profile page.

We got a few questions about the status of rating confidence. Your rating confidence is still be stored and accrued as you rate shows. You can see your rating confidence now by simply logging in to any Cozmo widget and rating a video. We will be providing access to a quick summary of your account including CozMojo and Rating Confidence before the end of January (hopefully much sooner.)

We are aware that there is still some buggy behavior in the new interface and we are working to resolve these problems ASAP. However, even today the utility and ease of use is far better than the old application. Once we finalize our list of bugs and add the remaining missing functionality, we’ll declare CozmoTV released in Version 1.1.

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April 02, 2007

Widget Channel Changing Issues

You might notice that sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) it takes a while for the widget to change channels (BTW, the static is from Robot Chicken). We are aware of this issue and we’re going to try to fix the playback issues this week. The channel does eventually change, but the timing is pretty rough. We’ll knock these issues down one at a time…

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January 07, 2007

Performance Issues

Some of you may be noticing some performance issues right now. For example, on some sessions, clicking the Next button or changing channels can be very slow. We are aware of the problem and will be incorporating some fixes shortly, but you’ll probably have to bear with us for a day or so while we get it resolved.

The issues are multiple. First, we have a server than desperately needs replacing. We’re waiting on the replacement, but these things don’t happen instantly. Second, we’re working on the new build release and we’d rather just incorporate the fixes into the new build than take the time to go back and fix the old build. Third, the performance issues are intermittent such that you should be able to resolve them by closing your browser session and starting a new one.

Sorry about this, we’re doing everything we can to resolve the issue.

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June 08, 2006

CozmoTV Back Up

Well, we sorted out the issues that caused the application to experience problems. It’s back up and ready to go.
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June 06, 2006

CozmoTV Down

We've taken CozmoTV down for a couple of days to resolve some back end issues.  Unfortunately given the size of the team and our current Version 2.0 priorities, this is as quickly as these issues can be resolved.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll be back up as quickly as we can.

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March 07, 2006

Loading Fix and Navigation Issues

Well, we’ve begun to see some additional traffic hit the site and the number one complaint remains the speed of the application and the difficulty in navigating. We’ve released a fix to a bug that was causing the application to hang for 10 seconds as the Guest account was loading. Resolving this issue has brought page loads down to 15-18 seconds which is a considerable improvement over the 30-35 that we were seeing this weekend.

The remaining 15-18 second loads are unfortunately dominated by Flash, including version checking, data acquisition and rendering time. This time will not decrease considerably in the future. Hopefully it’s not a huge issue moving forward. We also fixed a problem that was causing some page lag within the site. We’ve gotten page loads down to a pretty constant 2-4 seconds and will continue to try to improve this number. 

We’ve also received some comments surrounding navigation within the application. Most comments have revolved around the speed of the page loads, but a few have been directed at the way we deal with categories. Based upon this feedback we will be eliminating the History tab within the Category window and just displaying your Subscribed categories. In addition, we are going to change the way in which we handle Adding new categories. These fixes should occur with an upgrade occurring later this month. 

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