Video Producers

Find the perfect audience through our network of affiliates and get paid wherever people watch your video.

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Website Affiliates

Provide channels of premium relevant video to your audience and get paid while they watch, even on other sites.

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Find and engage the perfect audience in a way that creates real value and builds a lasting relationship.

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Get Started

Joining the CozmoTV network is simple. To get started simply visit and register before following the steps below:

  • Create a Campaign

    Click on the button ‘Create New’ on your profile page under ‘Campaigns’. Name and describe the campaign and then design the size and type of ad format you want to run. You can now target your campaign by category of content, geography and demographic profile.
  • Schedule the Campaign

    Once you have designed your campaign, it’s time to schedule its delivery. Ad campaigns should have a start and stop date, a budget and a frequency cap to ensure the best brand experience possible for the customer.
  • Submit Campaign

    Campaigns that are ready to roll can now be submitted to Cozmo for placement across our network. Cozmo staff will work to identify specific widgets or categories of widgets that would best suit your campaign. Once these widgets have been identified, Cozmo will work with you to approve each placement before the campaign runs.
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Why Should I Use CozmoTV?

CozmoTV is a simple and elegant way to get your brand messaging in front of an ideal audience while supporting great premium video content. The main benefits are:

  • Fresh Content

    CozmoTV enables content producers to update their widgets at any time across the entire network of installations. The result is fresh relevant content that consumers come back to time and again.
  • Flexible Advertising

    Using an open platform approach to advertising inclusion, custom built or off-the-shelf advertising units can be integrated to create the best brand message while minimizing costs. In addition, advertising follows you widget wherever it is syndicated so that you can be confident that you will reach target consumers wherever they reside on the web.
  • Premium Content

    Using the collective distribution reach of our network, Cozmo strikes syndication agreements with multiple premium content owners, providing you with a single source for advertising against great brand content without having to worry about interacting with multiple licensors.
  • Targeting

    Cozmo collects an enormous amount of data on both consumer interaction with widget advertisements and syndication of your messaging. This data can be used to more efficiently target campaigns and maximize your ROI quickly.

To find out how to get started with your own CozmoTV Campaign, read above or simply visit and give it a try.