Video Producers

Find the perfect audience through our network of affiliates and get paid wherever people watch your video.

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Website Affiliates

Provide channels of premium relevant video to your audience and get paid while they watch, even on other sites.

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Find and engage the perfect audience in a way that creates real value and builds a lasting relationship.

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Get Started

Joining the CozmoTV network is simple. To get started simply visit and register before following the steps below:

  • Create a Container

    Click on the button ‘Create New’ on your profile page under ‘Containers’. Name the container and then describe the type of content that you are looking to offer to your site’s audience by using both categories and tags. Choose a style and size for the type of widget that you would like to syndicate.
  • Establish Payee

    Once you have determined the type of content you would like to carry on your site, Cozmo will begin to syndicate great widgets and video to your site. Many of these widgets will contain sponsor advertisements. Cozmo needs billing information to direct a portion of this advertising revenue to you.
  • Embed Container

    Once you have saved your changes you can simply copy the embed code and paste it in to any site. If you have different sites or different pages of a single site that focus on different audiences, you can create multiple Containers.

That’s about it. You can also go back and modify most aspects of your Container at any time and these changes will be reflected without having to re-embed.

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Why Should I Use CozmoTV?

CozmoTV is a simple and elegant way to add great video to your site in minutes and get paid for your traffic. The main benefits are:

  • Fresh Content

    CozmoTV drives multiple high quality video to your site through multiple branded widgets. Each widget is updated constantly by the content owners. The result is a constant stream of fresh high quality content without the hours spent hunting for new videos on YouTube.
  • Archive Content

    Each widget on CozmoTV provides a complete archive of all the videos published by that content owner. Incoming visitors can watch the latest episodes of any series, or start from the beginning resulting in longer sessions at your site.
  • Multiple Sources

    Unlike other services that only allow you to embed videos from a single service, CozmoTV enables you to aggregate multiple channels of video from multiple sources in a single piece of page real estate.
  • Premium Content

    Using the collective distribution reach of our network, Cozmo strikes syndication agreements with multiple premium content owners, providing you with a single source for all of your video content without having to worry about interacting with multiple licensors.
  • Premium Advertising

    Using an open platform approach to advertising inclusion, custom built or off-the-shelf advertising units can be integrated to maximize revenue. This results in significant revenue from views accruing to your bottom line. We’ll even compensate you for ads watched on widgets that have been grabbed from your site.

To find out how to get started with your own CozmoTV Container, read above or simply visit and give it a try.