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Find the perfect audience through our network of affiliates and get paid wherever people watch your video.

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Website Affiliates

Provide channels of premium relevant video to your audience and get paid while they watch, even on other sites.

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Find and engage the perfect audience in a way that creates real value and builds a lasting relationship.

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Get Started

Joining the CozmoTV network is simple. To get started simply visit and register before following the steps below:

  • Create a Widget

    Click on the button 'Create New' on your profile page under 'Widgets'. Describe the widget including cover art, categories and keywords. Now select a skin and size, color scheme and a loading sequence for your widget before moving on to adding videos.
  • Add Videos

    You can add video to your widget by either adding individual videos that will form the default channel, importing a playlist of videos via RSS, or simply selecting a pre-existing set of channels from our channel library. If you would like to have more granular control over your channels you can use the 'Channel Manager' to build channels with greater control.
  • Syndicate Widget

    Once you have published your widget you can make your widget available for syndication across the CozmoTV network. You can either embed the widget in sites that you control, or you can allow CozmoTV to identify affiliate sites in our network that would be interested in your widget.

That’s about it. You can also go back and modify most aspects of your widget at any time and these changes will be reflected anywhere that your widget has been syndicated.

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Why Should I Use CozmoTV?

CozmoTV is a simple and elegant way to get your video content in front of an ideal audience. The main benefits are:

  • Instant Syndication

    Rather than trying to drive traffic to a new URL, CozmoTV delivers your video content to other sites where traffic already exists. As a result, CozmoTV can put your video content in front of millions of consumers virtually overnight.
  • Archive Syndication

    Unlike most video sharing sites that only give you the ability to embed a single video; CozmoTV is focused on syndicating a complete archive of all the videos in any widget you create. The result is that people watch more of your content when they ‘tune in’ to your widget wherever it is being broadcast.
  • Customizable Player

    Unlike most players, CozmoTV provides an unprecedented level of control in how your player is branded including custom skins, color schemes, sizing, fonts, and languages. Our player also includes built in syndication which enables each branded player to be spread virally from site to site.
  • Open Hosting

    CozmoTV enables you to host your videos with YouTube, or almost any CDN you choose. CozmoTV can pick up the location of these videos by URL or RSS feed. If your host does not offer an RSS feed, you can comply with our CozmoTV XML format which can be downloaded here.
  • Simple Interface

    CozmoTV makes the process of getting your video content in front of a large audience very simple. Within days of using the CozmoTV platform you can start to significant increases in viewership.
  • Flexible Advertising

    Using an open platform approach to advertising inclusion, custom built or off-the-shelf advertising units can be integrated to maximize revenue. In addition, advertising follows you widget wherever it is syndicated so that you can be confident that you will earn revenue wherever someone watches your content.
  • Audience Targeting

    Cozmo collects an enormous amount of data on both consumer interaction with your video content and syndication of your widget. This data can be used to understand your target audience and improve the quality of their experience in the future.

To find out how to get started with your own CozmoTV widget, read above or simply visit and give it a try.