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Upcoming Features

January 15, 2007

New Build Almost Finished

We’ll be rolling out an interface upgrade this week. Among the improvements will be:

  1. Simplified Navigation: All Channel and Show types will be available on every page. As a matter of fact, the entire CozmoTV channel surfing experience will be rolled into one page thanks to some Ajax loveliness.
  2. Simplified Menus: All of the functions for CozmoTV from Recommending Shows to Creating Channels were sprinkled throughout the page. We’ve consolidated all of these menus under simple Show and Channel menus. It should be much easier to find things now without having to scroll all over the place.
  3. Sexy Pop-Ups and Alerts: All of the channel creation controls and alerts have switched from windows default and inline transitions to Ajax pop-ups. We think they work a bit better than the current mishmash or interface elements.
  4. Better Indexing and Search: Our search results will be improving along with some other modifications around the index that will include more show listings appearing in each channel.
  5. Faster Loading: We haven’t quite finished testing this, but we think the application will load and handle transitions a bit faster with some of the modifications that we’ve made.

We’ve also been lining up priorities for the second major build release later this month. If you think something belongs in that list, just let us know. The TV show listings keep getting pushed back, but we’ll get to it… We’ve also been working on an interesting Flash version of CozmoTV that we think is going to rock.

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January 08, 2007

Upcoming Community Features

A few people have asked us about some of the social features of CozmoTV. The truth is that the social aspects of CozmoTV are pretty limited today. We are in the process of building them, but we chose to release the product before they were incorporated. This is not to say that these features are unimportant, but we felt it better to have people try to core functions of CozmoTV before adding all the sticky social tools.

But it’s also important to realize that at the end of the day, we look at CozmoTV as your eventual Comcast or DirecTV replacement, not as your eventual MySpace or YouTube replacement. While social interaction runs through the core of CozmoTV, channels are actually at the center of our universe, not people. You see this difference demonstrated with YouTube’s implementation of channels. You ARE the channel at YouTube. This is fine for YouTube as they are trying to be a social network, but it’s just not our model. 

Anyway, we also understand how important the social experience is to making CozmoTV a great service. So, one of the first social features you’ll find soon at CozmoTV is the ability to make friends and watch other people’s favorite videos. You’ll also be able to chat with other members while watching a channel. 

We have some other tricks up our sleeve, but we’ll wait with those until we’re a little closer to release. If you have any other features you really want to see in future releases of Cozmo, just let us know.

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April 10, 2006

Updates, Updates

Well, we’re closing in on the release of Version 1.1. We’ve spent a lot of time fixing issues in Version 1.0 that are not obvious to users, but have been obvious to us. But we’re finally emerging out of the dark basement and working on the front end improvements that I think will make CozmoTV much more useful. Those updates are as follows:

  1. We are getting rid of the ad at the top of the old application and significantly simplifying the overall interface. This should enable people with small monitors to be able to navigate the application without scrolling. Unfortunately with Flash, this is a necessary consideration.
  2. We are simplifying the show listings on each page to 2 line listings and 10 listings per page. You will have to click on the show title to record or rate the show, but this should also make navigating through more content significantly easier.
  3. We will be adding the ability to sort by Title, Time and Rating within each category.
  4. We will be adding related tags that help you drill down to exactly the type of shows that you are looking for quickly.
  5. We will be modifying the History tab to include searches that you have performed as well as categories that you’ve visited.
  6. We will be adding a Popular Tab that will include a tag cloud of the most popular tags within the application.

 We’re hopeful that all of these changes will make it into the new release on or around Monday. We’re hopeful that these changes will help make CozmoTV significantly faster and easier to use. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see…

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March 15, 2006

Version 1.1 Upgrades

We’ve collected a lot of feedback over the last couple of weeks from out initial users. We’ve been attempting to make changes to the application as quickly as possible. The most frequent requests at this point have been to:

  1. Add related tags listing for each category. The existing categories tend to be very broad, so drilling down to a specific show has been difficult, especially given the small number of shows displayed on each page.
  2. Provide more show listings per page. While three show panels per page provides for simple scheduling of shows, it results in a vast majority of the shows being inaccessible due to the large number of shows listed in each basic category. This problem is compounded by our lack of ratings data.

So, we’re going to be making some short term changes to fix both of these issues.

First, we will be adding related tags to each category and increasing the number of tags associated with each show by scraping the show metadata. This process is going to take some thought to get the best result, so we are examining whether we will be able to include it in Version 1.1 (April 15th release). I think it will have a profound impact of the utility of CozmoTV so we’ll make our best effort.

Second, we will be simplifying show panels. In other words, we should be able to list about 10 shows per page, instead of three. This will result in slightly slower page loads (we will be caching more show data for each page until we optimize for this method), and a loss of some of the data around the show listing, but navigation should be substantially faster.

Finally, we are going to be offering a TiVo Wireless-G adapter to the five CozmoTV members who rate the most shows between now and April 15th. You must rate at least 100 shows to be considered. And please try to be as accurate as possible with your ratings. We can’t get better at suggesting new shows to our members without some solid data to base those decisions on. Also, people have asked how you rate shows that you have not yet seen. Good question. The way we look at CozmoTV ratings is that you are rating your interest in the show. If you have already seen the show, this is an easy decision. If it is a show you have not yet seen, use the star rating as a gauge of your interest level. One star means you have very little interest, five stars means that you would be highly interested in seeing the show.

If you have some other suggestions, please let us know.

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